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I am a fiber artist  working  in cotton and silk fabric. I  combine surface design techniques such as dyeing, painting, image transfer and applique, in layers that I stitch together to create complex images. The layering of many different techniques and material gives my work it’s sense of depth and complexity. Working with fabric also gives me opportunities to explore texture in a way that isn’t available in any other media, and the sensual, tactile quality of the fabric gives it a warmth and approachability that makes the viewer want to touch and interact with it more closely.  Color is usually my initial inspiration for a piece and gives my work its sense of emotion.   I also like playing with contrasts in my work such as transparency and opacity, organic lines and geometric shapes, realism and abstraction.  

My work is primarily an investigation of my relationship with the natural world. I am not as much interested in a realistic replica of what I see in nature, as I am in portraying the numinous connection, the depth of feeling, and the sense of mystery that is part of that relationship.

Please contact me with any  inquiries about my work. 

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